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March 07, 2014

Letter of Support: Hawaii Fish Company Inc.

Read the full letter of support here.


My name is Ron Weidenbach, Co-Owner of Hawaii Fish Company, and a natural resource manager by undergraduate and graduate education and professional experience, and I am testifying in strong support of Hawaii Dairy Farms. The Hawaii State Constitution directs us to become more sustainable in our food production, and there is an increasing realization locally, nationally and globally of both the nutritional and economic benefits of increasing local food production. The proposed pasture-based dairy project on Kauai by Hawaii Dairy Farms provides an excellent opportunity for Hawaii to take an important step forward in that very positive direction towards increased local food production and food self-sufficiency, and in so doing, improving the future food security for our highly isolated island home.

Hawaii Dairy Farms was formed to help provide fresh, affordable local milk for Hawaii's residents and visitors. The Kauai farm site was selected following a multi-year, statewide search for a favorable pasture location to best support Hawaii's first pasture-baed rotational grazing dairy, which will serve as a sustainable model for soil regeneration by recycling all farm-generated nutrients back into the soils to provide vital nutrients to grow the grass to feed the cows. This productive, science-based, sustainable dairy methodology will be an excellent use of these designated Important Agricultural Lands, and help showcase agriculture as a viable, important, and satisfying outdoor career option for our State's youth.

In summary, the proposed pasture-based dairy is an important, well-planned, and sustainable local food production opportunity. The project draws on local, national and global experts to provide the latest in dairy science and ensure economic viability on this project. I strongly support this project and respectfully ask for your support of this important local food production initiative.


Ronald P. Weidenbach

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